Warehouse logistics - Efficient and safe processes through automated picking technology

In order to be able to further accelerate parts of your logistics process and make them less error-prone, picking robots are a suitable component in your logistics processes. Streamlined processes, space savings and time savings for value-adding activities are some of the main benefits. This is how your warehouse logistics gain performance.

KHT's warehouse logistics solution - fast and secure

By using intelligent warehousing and picking solutions, comprehensive added value can be generated at various points within a value chain. From use as a stand-alone system for issuing consumables, to integration into existing production processes, to fully automated shipping processes, a wide variety of scenarios can be individually implemented.

Typical use cases

Proven and mature technology

The experience of decades

Our INDU-Store has years of proven and mature technology that is used in a wide variety of industries. The warehouse robot routinely handles items up to the size of a shoebox and a weight of 5kg.

The principle of picking technology

For storage, it automatically identifies each item via integrated auto-ID solutions. The small parts are fed directly via a conveyor system, taken over by the robot and placed on the shelves in a space-optimized manner. The advantage of this system: The INDU-Store is an automatic storage system that does not control fixed storage locations, but continuously reallocates its storage areas dynamically so that they are always optimally utilized.

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The INDU-Store

Your spare parts warehouse, dispatch warehouse or automatic storage system for small parts, the INDU-Store is a warehouse automat that optimizes your warehouse logistics.