Measurement Trainings

KHT MultiScan trainings

Individual measurement technology training tailored to your needs

MultiScan Software

We have designed our training courses to be specifically tailored to the needs of our customers. So you can learn everything about using the MultiScan during operation at the beginning, have new employees trained, refresh knowledge or go specifically into the software to be able to make individual configurations. 

With MultiScan you can use your warehouse as efficiently as possible and save time and money in the process. With the help of master data acquisition through our coordinate measuring machines, you take the most important step towards increasing the efficiency and capacity of your warehouse.

1. Installation and Training

Directly after the commissioning of the MultiScan at the customer’s premises, training and instruction in the use and functionalities of the MultiScan can be provided on request. In this way, you learn how to optimally integrate the coordinate measuring machine into your existing processes. 

2. User training for daily use

User trainings can be booked on demand and are used to train new employees, to address the application in case of changed areas of use and to refresh existing knowledge about master data collection using MultiScan. 

3. Software Training / Supervisor Training

Within the framework of our supervisor training courses, which are aimed in particular at logistics managers or the customer’s own IT department, our employees explain further configuration options of our MultiScan software

In addition to the classic logistical master data “length, width, height and weight”, other attributes can also be recorded in the MultiScan software in an intuitive and standardised way. Especially in highly automated warehouses, it is often important to have much more information.

We are convinced that tools and software solutions must adapt to individual requirements. They should make work easier, faster and more comfortable. That’s why the new software not only allows you to change languages or units at the touch of a button, but also to easily add or remove additional individual input fields or drop-down menus. The input fields can be customised with their own names and predefined values as needed. This allows you to design the MultiScan software in the way that best suits your processes.

In this training course you will learn how to configure the MultiScan software yourself according to your individual needs. The scope and content will be agreed together in advance depending on your requirements.

Warehousing Trainings

KHT INDU-Store Training

Individual warehouse logistics training tailored to your needs

INDU-Store Lagerautomat für Kleinteile

We have designed our training courses to be specifically tailored to the needs of our customers. This way, you can learn everything about the use of INDU-Store in running operations at the beginning, have new employees trained or refresh your knowledge. 

With the warehouse management system INDU-Store you break new ground in the picking of small parts. Whether as a spare parts warehouse, dispatch warehouse or automatic storage system for small parts, the INDU-Store is a warehouse automation system that optimises your warehouse logistics.

1. Basic Training

Within the basic training, you will receive an introduction by our fitter or service technician during the installation. This will give you the basic information on how the warehouse management system works and how to operate it. 

2. User Training

The user training serves to refresh your knowledge and to advise you on the optimal use of the INDU-Store within your business operations.  Optionally, the user training can be booked for new employees.

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