1_ installation and training

Right after the installation on site, a user training takes place, if it was ordered seperatly. Our technicians train the user about the different functionalities, cleaning advices and the error handling if needed.

2_ user training

User trainings can be purchased any time after the installation of a device in order to support the training of new users or suppport the customer when applications change.

3_ software training

During the software training, users get insights of new functionalities, new options of the DataScan software and how they can adjust the individual settings that are part of the standard scope of the software such as different languages, values, unities or certain buttons.

4_ supervisor-training

The supervisor training is a training on a higher level than the operator or user that usually takes place with the responsible logistics department or IT department. The supervisor will be able to change basics in the software that the operator can never change.


1_ basic training

Training of the operators and users during and after the installation process.

2_ user training

The user training can be purchased any time after the installation and helps the users to stay focused and updated about the handling of the system.