Full-service maintenance contract for KHT Measurement

Reliable master data is essential for optimised logistics processes. With your KHT MultiScan you lay an important foundation for this. We want you to enjoy your MultiScan for many years and to be able to rely on the quality of the measurements at all times, even after years. To achieve this, it is important to maintain the MultiScan regularly and to replace wearing parts when necessary. With our service and maintenance contract, you get an all-round carefree package and don’t have to worry about anything.

Get the all-round carefree package for your measurement technology

Depending on the customer’s wishes, it is possible to choose between a maintenance contract with one-time or two-time maintenance per year. Among other things, software updates and function tests are carried out, belts are retightened and lubricants are renewed. The replacement of smaller spare parts such as belts or drive motors is also included.

We will be happy to advise you on which package is right for you!

Your benefits:

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