Service Technician at KHT

What exactly does a service technician do at KHT?

Lucas Timpert has been working as a service technician at KHT since 01.07.2019 and gives us exciting insights into his varied day-to-day work in this interview. He is primarily responsible for the mobile 3D volume measuring device, the MultiScan, which can record all important article master data at the push of a button. The MultiScan thus supports companies in optimizing their supply chain and helps to increase the efficiency and capacity of the warehouse.


Hello Lucas. You’ve been working at KHT as a service technician for some time now. We’re curious to find out what your day-to-day work looks like and what tasks you have to deal with.


What does your day-to-day work as a service technician at KHT look like?

I work closely with my colleagues, who are primarily responsible for out-of-house assignments. I do a lot of work in-house, but of course I’m also at the customer’s site when necessary. The most important thing about our job is that we keep the equipment running at the customer’s site and provide quick and straightforward assistance in the event of any faults. To do this, we go on service calls, do on-site maintenance and are also available for customer service online or by phone. We can often solve minor inquiries or problems remotely together with the customers and do not always have to be directly on site. This way, customers get quick help and never have to interrupt master data entry for long.

Another aspect of my job is the provision of equipment. Here, we work to order and prepare the modular devices so that they can be delivered in a customer-specific manner. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we equip the MultiScan with a trolley and a battery box, for example, so that the device can be used on the move.


How long is the normal waiting time for a MultiScan?

If a company decides to take a step towards digitization and orders a MultiScan from us, it can normally be put into operation within a month.

How quickly a MultiScan can then be integrated into the company’s processes depends, of course, on the customer’s requirements. Some customers design or program the connection to their own merchandise management system themselves, so that it fits perfectly into their system. Others take advantage of our service and use the MultiScan software newly programmed by us with an interface to the company’s WMS system.

For commissioning we are then on site and together with the department manager, the users and often also with someone from the IT department we do a training on how to use the MultiScan. If required, training on the use of MultiScan can also be booked afterwards (e.g. when new employees join the company). In general, however, the system is very intuitive and easy to use.

The new MultiScan software, we have developed in such a way that it is highly configurable and can be customized to the needs of the customers.


What training do you have to be able to work as a service technician?

I am a trained electronics technician for industrial engineering and started at KHT GmbH after my apprenticeship. In the second year, I then completed my state-certified technician for electrical engineering (the equivalent of a master craftsman).


What are the advantages of working at KHT?

A key point for me is the interdisciplinary work. I have the opportunity to work in various interesting areas such as IT, electronics and mechanics. Therefore, the work is always varied. No day is like the other, there are always new tasks and you also see what you have worked on. What I really enjoy is working on development topics, such as designing the new MultiScan software. I also work closely with product management and test new equipment options or accessories for the MultiScan. It’s a colorful job, where products are constantly evolving to find the best solution for customers. And: you go home with a good feeling because you make the customers happy.


What makes KHT special for you?

I think the family-like working atmosphere is very nice. We are not a huge company and we all work together as equals. As a team, we are now very well attuned and also benefit from the flat hierarchy, which makes it possible to make minor decisions in a short time. I think new employees would also settle in very quickly and become part of our cool team. I also think our flexitime model is great and that it is a big advantage compared to other companies. In addition, our workplaces are well-equipped and we don’t lack for anything in terms of tools. 

Thank you for the interesting interview Lucas, you have really found an exciting job at KHT!