Nachhaltigkeit im Versandhandel

Using master data to increase the sustainability in parcel shipment

Delivery on time, customer liked the product but is still unsatisfied and complains due to the large amount of packaging material and the oversized shipping carton? Does that sound familiar to you?

The reasons for this are often varied. Perhaps an extraordinary protection of the goods to be transported was necessary. Or the article was very small, so that it was not reasonable to use a shipping box of this size.

However, the reasons are often that there is simply no correct volume data for the items to be packaged. A clever combination of hardware and software can quickly remedy this. With the help of volume measuring devices, item dimensions and weight can be recorded at the push of a button and transferred to the ERP system via common interfaces.

The generated data can now be used, for example, in the procurement process of the cardboard boxes in order to define the optimal mix of different cardboard box sizes together with the required quantities. In the packaging process, the generated data can support the employee by suggesting the correct box for the size of the respective article. This can also be a space- and resource-saving mailing bag, because such information can also be added when measuring the article dimensions using volume measuring devices.

Curious? We would be happy to advise you on how you can achieve real added value using logistics master data and not only significantly reduce transport and packaging costs, but above all take a big step towards sustainability.