Optimized warehouse logistics through master data

Why master data can optimize warehousing
In order to guarantee a well-functioning logistics and warehouse planning in a company, consistently and continuously recorded master data is essential. With precisely, digitally recorded and evaluated data, logistics processes can be improved, errors can be reduced and savings can be achieved.

In a warehouse, it is master data such as article size, weight and photo that describes an article, records its characteristics, determines its optimal storage and facilitates its findability. Subsequently, inventory data on the quantity of items in stock and storage capacity helps to optimize throughput times, ensures replenishment in time and thus avoids item bottlenecks. Comprehensive master data even makes it possible to calculate packing patterns in order to define the optimal position of the respective packages on the load carrier when the order is started. This allows to optimally utilize load carriers and transport vehicles to reduce errors and picking times.

Certain special article characteristics often influence handling in the supply chain, which is why detailed information can ensure efficient warehousing. It is also possible to meet special storage requirements, e.g. due to legal requirements or for security reasons. Another advantage is, that well-maintained master data makes work easier for employees in logistics and production. In the end, the customer also benefits from this.

Why master data collection is often neglected
Many companies think that master data collection is time-consuming and expensive and can therefore be deterred. Or they do not know how to proceed and how the master data collection can be seamlessly integrated into the regular work processes.

The products from KHT’s measurement technology offer a simple and convenient solution.

With the help of the MultiScan, a mobile master data recording station, the article dimensions and weights can be easily determined and transferred directly to your ERP system. We would be happy to advise you and work with you to find the optimal solution for your warehouse.

Because especially in times of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory, where all company processes are digitally networked in order to achieve the best possible processes and efficiency, comprehensive data and high data quality are essential.

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