Frauen in der Logistik

No longer a male domain: women in logistics make the difference!

Currently, the lack of skilled workers is one of the biggest problems in logistics. One approach to improve the situation would be to counteract the outdated reputation of the “male domain of logistics” and to inspire more women to take up jobs in the logistics sector.

A look at the facts

A look at the facts shows that women are still rather rare in the logistics sector as well as in management positions.

  • In logistics, transport and traffic, the share of women was 20.7 % in 2017.
  • Excluding drivers, the share of female employees in the sector was 28.7% in 2017.
  • According to Statista, the proportion of women on the boards of the 100 or 200 largest companies in Germany was around 14.7% in January 2022.
  • In the 1000 companies in Germany with the highest turnover recorded by “Die deutsche Wirtschaft”, there are only 43 women in top positions such as management or CEO, i.e. 4.3%.

The professional environment of logistics is often associated with heavy physical work and therefore often dismissed as not so suitable for women. However, the job profiles in this field have changed and expanded a lot due to increasing digitalisation and Industry 4.0. Through the use of intelligent warehouse logistics systems and smart devices that can take over physical work, the everyday work of logisticians is different today than it was a few years ago.

Due to its steady growth and the strong integration of high-quality logistics services into the supply chains of industry and trade, the logistics sector offers diverse career opportunities for women and men.


Mixed teams perform better

Studies show that higher diversity has a positive impact on business performance and companies with mixed teams generate up to 48% higher return on equity. Why is this so? Because both genders have different strengths that companies should take advantage of. While men are often classically assigned strengths such as assertiveness, risk-taking and competitive orientation, women score with other essential skills.  These include consistent implementation of goals, flexibility, service orientation, teamwork, efficiency and decision and conflict management. These strengths are extremely important when it comes to leading organisations strategically.


Companies should create incentives for women

Some companies have already recognised the potential and are promoting women in logistics. It makes sense here to offer taster days, internships and active approaches. In addition, it makes sense to re-equip workplaces to compensate for physical differences. In today’s world, flexible working time models for all employees are also particularly important in order to master the balancing act between family and career. The active integration of employees’ life phases, an open work culture and positive public relations for logistics should be in the foreground to create incentives.


DamenLogistikClub and MentorMe support women and create role models

There are various institutions to provide targeted support for women in logistics. They offer networks, mentors and support in entering the industry. It is also extremely important to show women who have already taken the step into this industry and serve as role models and incentives for their future colleagues.

In the German-speaking countries, for example, there is the DamenLogistikClub (Women’s Logistics Club) whose vision is to show the valuable work that women do in logistics and to support each other. The club describes its goal as follows:

“The aim of the DamenLogistikClub is to strengthen the network of women and to improve the framework conditions in the transport and logistics industry as well as the cooperation between the different modes of transport. We expect the founding of the club to provide an even better platform for exchange and networking among each other for all members. We are also focusing on promoting young and experienced female logistics professionals.”

MentorMe is the largest mentoring programme for women in the German-speaking world and supports senior professionals, young professionals and doctoral students to orientate, develop and reposition themselves professionally.

The Women in Mobility are committed to improving the visibility of women in the mobility industry and create networks for like-minded people.

There is also a Ladies in Logistics Association within BVL Germany. Interested parties can register for the LLL events here or apply as a potential host themselves:

So ladies, take the next step and apply for a career in logistics. We at KHT are looking forward to more diversity and a great cooperation.




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