KHT Masterdata

MultiScan Software – individually configurable for uncomplicated master data collection

After 35 years of experience in master data collection, we know exactly what is important. Many companies are often put off by the thought of a complicated and time-consuming collection of master data and attach too little importance to this topic. However, the truth is that without correct master data, automation is not possible and many operational processes cannot be implemented efficiently.

We are of the opinion that tools and software solutions must adapt to the individual requirements of the user and that handling should be uncomplicated.

That is why we have developed a new software that makes data acquisition with our MultiScan coordinate measuring machine as easy as possible. It can be easily and quickly adapted to the needs of the respective requirements and functions completely intuitively. Depending on requirements, languages or units can be configured independently and additional individual input or drop-down fields can be added or removed. This enables fast and convenient entry of all necessary product master data and can be adapted on-demand to new specifications.  The UI can be called up as a web application in browsers independent of operating systems and offers all data at a glance on the configured templates.  With state-of-the-art interfaces such as REST APIs, CSV file-share or other network interfaces, any WMS or ERP can be connected.

This makes working with our new MultiScan software child’s play.


How much information do you need? What attributes can the software capture?

“Length, width, height and weight” are the classic logistical master data. But what happens when whole pallets are involved or temperature plays a role? Are the products easily stackable or is there a risk of breakage? Does a hazardous substance class have to be specified?

As you can see, it often takes much more information about the products to be able to handle them without any problems. Especially in highly automated warehouses, the robots depend on all this detailed information in order to be able to carry out picking processes error-free and efficiently.


Different industries – different requirements

In addition to the customisations within the software application, it is also possible to use the comprehensive MultiScan accessories with the software. Precision scales (for weights under 100g), calipers (with an accuracy of 0.01 mm), SCANtape (for items over 3m) and camera can be configured in interaction with the web app to form the MultiScan. The result is a complete solution in software and hardware that is completely tailored to the individual logistical requirements. The standard accessories are integrated directly with the application via interfaces and thus no longer require manual input.

More information is available here: MultiScan and MultiScan accessories


Master data is the heart of warehouse logistics

It provides all data about articles, their hierarchy and information along the entire supply chain and contributes significantly to the success of a company as well as sustainability in all processes. Especially for more individual item master data, MultiScan software can be a useful building block in your intralogistics.

You would like to benefit from the software, but you have too little capacity to enter the master data yourself? We have a convenient solution for that! With our master data service you can take the easiest way to a correct and comprehensive database.


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