Masterdata Benefits

Master data management kills logistics pain points

The benefits of comprehensive and correct master data are obvious: I can ensure the smooth running of all logistics processes, reduce the ecological footprint and create new capacities.

What are my benefits from accurate master data?

  • Warehouse utilization is correct
  • Work steps run error-free
  • The way is paved for more sustainable processes
  • Automation is possible & works
  • Export processes are error-free


From chaos to the foundation for everything

If you start by conscientiously recording the master data within logistics to create a complete database that can be accessed by all subsequent processes, capacities are expanded, performance is significantly increased, employees are relieved and automated systems are supplied with the right data.


If you fail to plan you plan to fail

At a time when automation seems inevitable in many companies, adequate preparation for it is essential. Many companies plan to automate processes in the future to compensate for staff shortages and become faster and more efficient. However, they often then face the problem that the data that is essential for automation is missing. Automating processes with incorrect or poor data is therefore incorrect or poor automation. Therefore, the collection of correct master data should be started as soon as possible in order to be able to implement subsequent (automation) projects according to plan. In addition, elaborate and detailed planning of the same can provide information on how performance can be controlled accordingly.


Do you want to automate or expand capacities and performance in the future? Prepare yourself!




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