KHT Masterdata

Logistics master data – how do I record it?

Master data are distinguished from transaction data by one central characteristic: They are static, change rather rarely and are valid in the long term (e.g.: address, date of birth, customers, contract data, product name, etc.). Master data is used in many areas of a company, is highly relevant for business processes and is often used as a basic criterion in statistics and data evaluations. Transaction data (e.g.: orders, inventories, invoices, etc.) depend on master data.

Logistic master data: Data needed to trade an item

In logistics we speak primarily of logistic master data. This refers to all the data needed to process an item along the supply chain.

Logistical master data includes the following attributes, among others:

  • Item number
  • Article description
  • Article image
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Packaging hierarchies
  • Packaging composition according to packaging ordinance
  • Stacking information


Article master data as the basis for smooth logistics processes

The master data described here is essential for logistical handling. For example, the dimensions and weights of the articles, as well as other attributes that are significant for handling, such as fragility, stackability or hazardous material information.


Master data collection alone is not enough

The greatest challenge is to keep this data up-to-date throughout the entire merchandise management system. Assortments, articles and packaging change and many partners who work together do not use the same data management systems. Only through the transparent flow of information of the most accurate data can processes thus be made more performant and sustainable. In addition, the manual entry of master data often leads to problems in subsequent processes due to measurement deviations or number spinning when entering data. This can result in time losses and the failure of entire warehouse systems with long downtimes. Only those who have precise master data entry under control can rely on evaluations of warehouse utilization, optimization and reduction of shipping volumes, and smooth export processes.


Master data capture at the highest level with the MultiScan Webserver APP

To make master data acquisition with the MultiScan measuring system as easy as possible for our customers, we have developed our software in such a way that it can be operated intuitively and configured according to requirements. Self-explanatory functions and menu navigation ensure fast and error-free acquisition of master data. It thus records all the attributes that are important to the user and can also be integrated with any WMS. The configuration can also be adapted at any time in the event of adjustments or extensions in the process.



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