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KiSoft Genomix revolutionizes master data management

In order to enable automation in article handling within a warehouse, perfectly maintained and, above all, correct master data is the basic prerequisite. Only in this way is error-free article handling possible. Manufacturers and retailers often provide little information about the articles and further attributes are often entered manually. This is usually associated with a great deal of effort and high costs. In addition, subjective assessments during data entry pose a problem. Overall, in many cases there is a lack of an end-to-end process to correctly collect, process and further distribute all essential data.

Accurate master data is essential for efficient automation. Together with our parent company KNAPP, we have developed a solution:

KiSoft Genomix – A self-learning master data management for automation.

With the KiSoft Genomix software, we have developed an end-to-end system that captures, provides, manages and maintains all necessary data centrally for the entire supply chain in a digitalized manner. This way, each technology knows about the optimal handling for each item. This new, self-learning software solution digitizes all relevant attributes of items, decoding their DNA, so to speak: weight, dimensions, packaging type, contents, center of gravity, tipping behavior and much more. Thanks to this information, the technologies, such as robots, know exactly how to handle and process the items. At the same time, KiSoft Genomix also adapts to the level of automation in the plant.


Decoding item DNA – KiSoft Genomix

There is no comparable solution on the market – KiSoft Genomix as a patent

Since the software knows exactly which parameters the subsequent technologies need to work optimally, it provides all the necessary attributes centrally for the supply chain. This creates an end-to-end system that optimizes the entire process chain and increases efficiency and performance. The system can also be used across warehouses, industries and solutions.

The system is a modular overall package that enables transparent data acquisition and is optimally adaptable to all customer requirements. Incorrect estimations are eliminated by intuitive user guidance and targeted questions during data acquisition. The automation data is also additionally checked and automatically collected in digital form to ensure high quality. In addition, self-learning algorithms continuously improve this data.  There is no comparable solution on the market yet, so we have claimed a patent on KiSoft Genomix.


The advantages of KiSoft Genomix at a glance:

Flexibility and transparency

  • Acquisition of all necessary article data (<30 sec.) without experts
  • Configurable for any type of warehouse
  • Transparent data acquisition

High quality of article attributes

  • Software that records, manages and verifies data with self-learning AI
  • Increases automation efficiency
  • Reduces handling damage and last mile transportation costs

Single source of information

  • Works with any ERP, WMS or automation integrator
  • Centralized provision and management of automation master data
  • Data sharing across warehouses


KiSoft Genomix in use

KiSoft Genomix & KHT MultiScan: Intelligent interaction for optimal precision

Our KHT MultiScan records the dimensions, volume and weight of the articles already at goods receipt. And this is 100% automated. The data is then transferred and integrated into the overall system. The process is supported by the KiSoft Genomix app on the MultiScan tablet. It guides the warehouse employee simply and intuitively through a questionnaire to collect all relevant master data. The software registers all article hierarchies: from the individual item to the packaging unit to the logistical unit. This provides all the relevant attributes that are important for automated handling.

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KiSoft Genomix in action at SPAR – A grocer relies on innovation

A long-time partner of KNAPP, the grocery retailer SPAR Ebergassing wanted above all to eliminate subjectivity in the collection of automation master data and was on board from the beginning as a pilot customer in the development of KiSoft Genomix. Patrick Hörmann, head of warehousing and flow of goods at the SPAR logistics center in Ebergassing, explains: “Now it is the case that an item is placed on the KHT MultiScan, and KiSoft Genomix takes care of the rest. This saves us about 90% of the effort in master data maintenance.”

Read the full report in german here! >

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