MultiScan live

Discover the advantages of the MultiScan now LIVE with your own products!

Have you often asked yourself whether the MultiScan would be a useful addition to your company? But you are not sure how to use the MultiScan to measure your products?

Make a free live appointment with us, where we can present you the functions of the MultiScan directly with your own products.

We will use a video conference to show you exactly how you can use the MultiScan in your company and optimize your processes. We give you tips on how you can easily record the master data of your articles and transfer them to your warehouse management system.

Because with its automatic and reliable dimension and weight recognition, the MulitScan records the essential master data for optimizing your supply chain at the push of a button.

Book a free appointment now and let us advise you comprehensively:

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The feedback from our customers on the live video presentation of the MultiScan:
“Thanks to the highly individualized online presentation tailored to our company’s needs, we were able to get a very impressive picture of the MultiScan despite the distance and clarify all open questions. In day-to-day use, everything now works as it was presented digitally. “