DIGITAL2GO – Everything SMEs need for a quick start into digitalization!

DIGITAL2GO is a platform that offers innovative products for fast and effective digitalization steps in companies. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), taking a step towards digitalization is often a major challenge. There is often a lack of resources, time or even an idea for which business processes digitalization would make sense at all and how to implement it.

Easy start to digitalization: fast, manageable costs and immediate results

Especially in SMEs, however, there is usually a lot of potential to benefit from digitalization. For this reason, DIGITAL2GO has set itself the goal of helping smaller companies get started with the digital transformation. On the platform, companies can find everything they need for a digital quick start, such as information, funding opportunities and the right technologies for the respective company. This way, the start into digitalization succeeds quickly, the costs remain manageable and the results are immediately visible.


A secure way to digitize faster, smarter and step-by-step: DIGITAL2GO

DIGITAL2GO itself describes their solutions as follows: “Within existing processes, established workflows and fully integrated infrastructures, it is often hard for companies to try new things. It would be better to use proven, efficient methods in a targeted manner. This is our approach with the DIGITAL2GO platform. Techniques that are easy to apply and products that fit immediately. Little effort, maximum benefit. Step by step.”


Plug & Play for immediate application

The technologies offered, are all built according to the plug-and-play principle. This enables immediate commissioning without a technician and immediate added value for the company. The proven technologies are designed for different areas of application, from the factory floor to the workshop. In this way, secure, fast and smart step-by-step digitalization succeeds even in small companies.


DIGITAL2GO solutions from KHT that immediately improve existing processes:

⇒ MultiScan: Error-free & complete master data for optimal warehouse utilization.

Reliable master data is essential for optimized logistics planning and management. Without the correct product size, volume and weight, effective warehouse management is not possible. KHT’s fully automatic MultiScan is made for exactly these tasks.
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CartonScan: Reduce shipping costs with complete shipment data at the push of a button

The CartonScan is the simple solution for digital recording of dimensions, volume and weight of cuboid articles and cardboard boxes. The transmission of the recorded measurement results to the shipping software is automatic. The main advantage: Precise measuring and weighing reduces shipping costs and parcel service providers can be supplied with data in an uncomplicated way.

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