Your stationary acquisition station for article dimensions on roller and belt conveyors

The ProfileScan is a digital measuring frame that can be easily integrated into roller or belt conveyors. Using an infrared light grid, it measures the dimensions of passing articles at the incredible speed of up to two meters per second. In addition, product profiles can be checked and classified as they pass through. The resulting data can be used to assess the quality of transported goods and intelligently control material flows on the basis of classifications.

The ProfileScan operating principle - flexible installation in your conveyor system

ProfileScan records article dimensions within your conveyor system. It can be flexibly installed in your existing conveyor system, while integrating perfectly into your processes and providing reliable product data automatically, around the clock.

The measuring frame has an infrared light grid with a fine resolution grid (2.5 mm). As the conveyed product passes through the infrared light grid, it is measured several times per second. In the process, the system generates an image of the article contour and transmits the recorded data directly to the customer’s WMS or ERP system via common interfaces. By adding a continuous scale, the weight of the conveyed goods can also be recorded and transmitted together with the dimensions and volume. 

Reliable product and shipping data around the clock through industrial measurement technology

The measurement of cardboard boxes provides important data for the subsequent material flow (e.g. robot-controlled palletizing or depalletizing), warehouse automation or billing according to shipping volume.

A most valuable addition is that the measuring frame performs a contour check. It detects protruding contours such as package straps, open lids or unacceptable bulges.

The ProfileScan functions and features

The Article Coordinate Acquisition Station is designed to be straightforward to use and effortlessly integrated into your daily workflow.

ProfileScan Advantages:

The ProfileScan in use

Control software

The fast control software reliably delivers the required data or issues warning messages (OK or NOT OK check). Deformed or improperly sealed cardboard boxes are detected immediately. The intelligent calculation algorithm can reliably measure even skewed cardboard boxes. Connection to further processing systems is optionally via network or serial interface.

Equipment for measurement

  • Measuring frame
  • Control box including monochrome display and operating button
  • Status LED

Optional components

  • Continuous scale
  • Barcode scanner for digital product identification

Profilescan Service-Package

  • Installation and instruction on site
  • On request: service and maintenance contracts
  • System can be maintained remotely

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