Dynamic measuring device that records
the article dimensions on your conveyor system.
Modular structure in different formats enables individual adaption.

ProfileScan Features

With its automatic and reliable dimension and weight recognition, the MulitScan captures the essential master data for optimizing your supply chain at the touch of a button.

Software control

The fast control software reliably provides required data or it outputs alarm signals (OK or NOK test). Cardboard boxes which are deformed or not correctly closed are identified immediately. The intelligent computing algorithm can even make a reliable measurement survey of inclined cardboard boxes. Interfaces to further-processing systems are implemented alternatively via network or serial interface.


_ Measuring frame
_ Control box, including monochrome display and operating push button
_ Status LED

Optional components

_ Throughput weighing scale
_ Barcode scanner for digital product identification


_  Installation and instruction on site
_ On request: service and maintenance contracts
_ System can be maintained remotly