Mobile master data recording station for article dimensions and weights
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KHT MultiScan Koordinatenmesstechnik / Mobile Erfassungsstation für Artikeldimensionen und Gewichte

MultiScan Features

Die Vorteile des KHT MultiScan / Stammdatenerfassung per Knopfdruck

With integrated weight recording, the MultiScan determines the data you require for
optimization of your storage space – fully-automatically and reliably.


Two possible applications exist for the MultiScan: As a measuring device for recording
length, width, height and weight or, in the combination with DataScan software, as a
complete master data acquisition system

1_ The measuring device for length, width, height and weight

The KHT MultiScan is designed for industrial employ-ment and is a fully complete data acquisition station. The technology consists of a light grating and an integrated, calibratable weighing scale. In this way, complicated forms can be recorded. The information is transferred directly to the Merchandise Management System. This data can be used, among other things, for automated warehouse management, optimisation of dispatch or for simplified customs handling.

2_ The complete master data acquisition system

With employment of the specially developed software DataScan with the MultiScan becomes a master data acquisition system. The software records and manages the complete article master. The configurable software package makes possible the employment of camera, fine weighing scale, vernier calliper gauge and ScanTape.


The KHT MultiScan is robust, long-lived and low-maintenance. Annual maintenance has been found to be a well-proven interval. As a result of the intuitive operation of the device, laborious training sessions can be dispensed with.

If you have any questions regarding the product or its application, our service team is glad to remain available to you. In case of any issue, our technicians can provide diagnostics using online maintenance software and reliably ensure that a remedy is found. Expensive downtimes are thus minimized.

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