Your mobile 3D coordinate measuring machine includes weighing technology for article master data
(length, width, height, weight)

With its automatic and reliable dimension (height, width, length) and weight recognition, the MultiScan records the essential master data for optimizing your supply chain at the touch of a button.

The MultiScan operating principle - reliable, robust and accurate coordinate and weighing measurement technology

Use your warehouse as methodically as possible, resulting in space optimization, together with time and cost optimization. With the help of master data acquisition through our coordinate measuring machines with included scales, you take the most important step towards increasing the efficiency and capacity of your warehouse.

Optimize logistics planning

Reliable master data is essential for optimized logistics planning and management. Without the right product size, volume and weight, effective warehouse management is not possible. KHT’s fully automatic MultiScan is made for exactly these tasks.

As a stand-alone and mobile 3D coordinate measuring machine, it enables you to record the complete master data of your products in one work step at the push of a button. Depending on your needs, it offers you measuring ranges of 600 mm, 800 mm or 1200 mm in length. This allows you to save storage costs and use your warehouse as efficiently as possible. No matter what your requirements are, we will find the right solution for you.

The MultiScan functions and features

The Coordinate Measuring Machine is designed to be straightforward to use and to integrate effortlessly into your daily workflow.

MultiScan Advantages:

The MultiScan quickly explained

One digital measuring device - 2 possible applications

There are two possible applications for the MultiScan: In coordinate measuring technology for the acquisition of length, width, height and weight or in combination with the MultiScan software as a complete system for master data acquisition.

1. as a coordinate measuring machine for length, width, height and weight

Designed for industrial use, the KHT MultiScan is an all-round complete station for the acquisition of article master data. The technology consists of a light grid and integrated, precise weighing technology (calibratable scales). In this way, even complicated shapes can be captured. The recorded data is transferred directly to the merchandise management system. This data can be used, among other things, for automated warehouse management, optimization in shipping while simplifing customs clearance. (if needed)

2. as a coordinate measuring machine for length, width, height and weight

With the use of the specially developed software, the MultiScan becomes a master data system. The software records and manages the complete article master. The freely configurable software package makes the use of camera, fine  presicion scale, caliper and ScanTape possible.

All-round service package

  • Trial lease – Put our product through its paces before you buy it
  • Leasing option – With KHT you have alternatives to purchase
  • Uncomplicated – If the demand is temporarily higher, you simply rent additional MultiScans
  • On-site installation and training
  • Service and maintenance contracts: Ensure the value of your equipment is maintained
  • Remote maintenance available

Wide range of accessories

You can optimally adapt your measuring device to your needs by sensibly expanding it with specific accessories. Whether you need a battery box for mobile data acquisition, a barcode scanner, a precision scale or a camera, we can offer you the right solution for your requirements.

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