MultiScan Software

Your individually configurable MultiScan software for the collection and management of master data at the highest level.

We have been supporting companies in the automation and digitalization of their logistics processes since 1986 and have first-hand knowledge of the associated master data requirements. We developed our new software to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges and to support our customers on their way to next-level master data management with MultiScan. 

35 years of master data experience meets the latest software technologies

Stable, intuitive and flexible – these are the best ways to describe the advantages of our predecessor software. And exactly these basic characteristics are also found in the new MultiScan software. In addition, it offers many new features, is more self-explanatory than ever, and can be accessed as a browser application from mobile devices and operated via a user interface.

It's hard to automate without data

In addition to the classic logistical master data “length, width, height and weight”, other attributes can also be recorded in the MultiScan software in an intuitive and standardized manner; especially in highly automated warehouses, where much more information is required.

  • Automatic (de)palletizing? How about the pallet type and the number of layers or cases per layer?

  • Automatic warehouse in use? Here, in addition to the dimensions and weight, permissible temperature ranges, any hazardous material classes and similar information are naturally of the highest priority.

  • Automated picking? Information such as breakage risk, stackability and stack factor, massively facilitate picking processes while reducing error costs.

One software - countless design options

We are convinced that tools and software solutions must adapt to individual requirements. They should make work easier, faster and more convenient. That’s why the new software not only allows you to change languages or units at the touch of a button, but also to effortlessly add or remove additional individual input fields or drop-down menus. The input fields can be customized with their own names (in the form of free alphanumeric input) and predefined values as required. This allows you to design the MultiScan software in the way that best suits your processes.

The right solution for every industry - your individually tailored MultiScan

The MultiScan software also enables the use of our extensive range of standardized MultiScan accessories. In this way, precision scales, calipers, cameras and SCANtape (links) can be added to the MultiScan and the overall solution can thus be fully tailored to individual logistical requirements, both in terms of hardware and software.

Interfaces of the MultiScan software

The importance of master data

Master data is the heart of warehouse logistics and has a lasting influence on the associated processes and information flows. MultiScan software can be a useful building block in your intralogistics, especially for more individual item master data. Read more about how we can help you collect and process correct master data here.

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