MultiScan Accessories

More options for master data acquisition with your 3D coordinate measuring machine

With industry-specific solutions, the MultiScan can be usefully expanded and adapted to your needs. Its transport cart makes it mobile and the equipment with a battery box makes it independent of the power supply. Do you have special requirements for your fully automatic article data capture? The versatile MultiScan accessories for the MultiScan basic measuring station can be easily added at any time. It ensures even more efficiency, finer results and a broader acquisition spectrum. This way, you benefit from product measurement and master data acquisition exactly according to your requirements.

Master data acquisition perfectly tailored to your needs - with MultiScan accessories

Thanks to the versatile accessories for the MultiScan, measuring article master data has never been easier. You can equip the measuring device in the way that is most efficient for your requirements. In this way, the MultiScan integrates flexibly into your workflows.

MultiScan Zubehör Akkubox

The accubox

The accubox enables mobile master data acquisition. It can be used to record data for up to 16 hours. Already after a charging time of 1 hour, the power is back at 80 percent. In addition, you can continue to work with the measuring device even while it is charging.

MultiScan Zubehör Texpress Modul

The TEXPRESS module

Especially for companies in the textile industry the combination of the acquisition station with the TEXPRESS module is interesting. To determine the storage volume, the textiles are compressed to the real volume during the measuring process. This allows storage and shipping processes to be planned and executed more efficiently.

MultiScan Zubehör Barcode Scanner

Digital identification via barcode scanners

Products can be identified quickly and easily via barcode scanner systems. With USB connections, any barcode scanner can be used for identification.

MultiScan accessories in combination with MultiScan software

MultiScan Zubehör Feinwaage

The precision scale

For weights below 100 g, the additional use of a precision scale is recommended. The measured weight of the fine scale can be added to the master data on request.

MultiScan Zubehör Messschieber

The digital caliper

Only a small screw or a sealing ring to measure? No problem. The MultiScan accessory offers a solution to measure dimensions precisely in the millimeter range. With an accuracy of 0.01 mm, the caliper is the right instrument for capturing and transmitting the most accurate measurement data at the touch of a button.

MultiScan Zubehör Kamera

The industrial camera

Creating high-resolution product identification images is straightforward with the industrial camera from the MultiScan. The images are directly assigned to the correct article ID and are immediately available to the merchandise management system. 

MultiScan Zubehör Scantape

The SCANtape

The MultiScan also offers the right measuring technology for large articles that protrude beyond the device. With the SCANtape, goods up to three meters in length can be detected and identified wirelessly.

MultiScan Zubehör Dataflow Controller

DataFlowController (DFC)

The DFC is an accessory that adds another interface to the MultiScan. By using the DFC, a keyboard input is emulated. Enterprise resource planning systems connected to this receive the measurement data as if the operator were entering the data from dimension and weight measurements by keyboard. The connection of a MultiScan is thus fast and uncomplicated eliminating time consumming, costly mistakes. 

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