Akku MultiScan

Battery box – mobile power supply

The battery box enables mobile master data acquisition. With this, data can be recorded for up to 16 hours. The device can also be used while charging.

The TEXPRESS module

The combination of the data acquisition station with the TEXPRESS module is particularly interesting for companies in the textile sector. In order to determine the storage volume, the textiles are compressed to real volume during the measurement procedure. As a result, storage and dispatch processes can be planned and implemented more efficiently.

Digital identification by using barcode readers

Using bar-code scanner systems, products are identified rapidly and simply. With USB connections, every bar-code scanner can be used for identification.

The precision scale

In case of weights below 100 g, the additional employment of a fine weighing scale is recommended. In this way, resolutions of up to 0.01 g can be weighed. The measured weight of the fine weighing scale can be added to the master data on request.

the digital electronic caliper

Only a small bolt or a sealing ring? It makes no difference, MultiScan accessories offer a solution for surveying the dimensions exactly within the millimeter range. With a precision of 0.01 mm, the correct instrument is the vernier caliper gauge in order to record and to transfer very precise measuring data at the push of a button.

The industrial camera

The generation of high-resolution product images is uncomplicated with the industrial camera from MultiScan. The displays are assigned directly to the correct Article ID and are available immediately for merchandise management.

The SCANtape

If required, MultiScan also has the proper measurement technology for very large articles. With the SCANtape,
goods up to a size of three meters can be recorded wirelessly and simultaneously identified.

DataFlowController (DFC)

The DFC is an accessory which extends the MultiScan by a further interface. A keyboard entry is emulated by employment of the DFC. Merchandise management systems connected with it are provided with the measuring data, as if the operator had entered the data from dimension and weight measurements by keyboard. The connection of a MultiScan is therefore rapid and uncomplicated.