Mobile data entry station for cuboid articles and cardboard boxes for recording shipping data.

Complete and correct master data is essential for efficient warehouse utilization, cost-optimized shipping logistics and a smooth supply chain. CartonScan is the simple solution for digitally recording the dimensions, volume and weight of cuboid items and cardboard boxes. Parcel service providers can be supplied with data in this uncomplicated way. If required, further specific attributes can be added to the data record, which are then available in the WMS or shipping software for downstream processes.

The CartonScan functions and features

The mobile and digital measuring device for coordinates of cuboid items is designed to be straightforward for you to use. It integrates effortlessly into your daily workflows and simplifies your shipping operations.

CartonScan Advantages

Reduced shipping costs through precise measuring and weighing

The dimensions are measured by ultrasound and the weight is determined by an integrated scale. By scanning the barcode, the article is identified and the respective measurement data is clearly assigned. The transmission of the master data is automated. The recorded measurement results are transmitted to the customer’s shipping software via an interface and can in turn be exchanged directly with the carriers from there without media breaks. If further information is to be stored, the optionally available MultiScan software can be used.  Which attributes are to be recorded, can be configured to a high degree by the user.

Freely configurable measurement of article coordinates for your requirements

Examples include information on article handling, such as breakage risk or hazardous material classes. This also results in a very good adaptability of the solution in case of future changes in requirements. Optionally, an identification photo of the carton can also be created, e.g. to document the integrity of the carton or its contents before shipment, ensuring quality control. Depending on your requirements, the CartonScan offers measuring ranges of 600 mm or 800 mm length and width.

Complete master data acquisition system with a special Software

With the use of the specially developed software, the CartonScan becomes a system for master data acquisition. The software records and manages the complete article master.

CartonScan Service Package

  • On-site instruction
  • On request: service and maintenance contracts
  • System can be maintained remotely
  • valid calibration certificate available

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