Mobile master data recording station for a digital recording of cuboid articles and cartons.
CartonScan 600 ▪ CartonScan 800

CartonScan Features

The CartonScan is the simple solution for a digital recording of dimensions, volume and weight of cuboid articles and cartons. The CartonScan supplies measured data for courier express parcel applications in a very easy state-of-the-art way. If required, additional individual attributes can be added to the data set and will also be interfaced with a WMS or a CEP (courier-express-parcel) application for downstream processes.

Shipping cost reduction

The dimensions are measured by ultrasonic sensors and the weight is captured through an integrated scale. Barcode scanners can be connected by USB interfaces to identify shipments and items automatically by reading barcodes to connect measured data to unambiguous IDs. Transmission of all data is fully automated. The measuring device can be interfaced with any shipping- or warehouse management application to ensure direct exchanges to the essential data with carriers. To collect further attributes, such as supplier IDs or shipping data, we supply our DataScan application. Setting of further attributes, can be mainly configured by the user as in a supervisor-mode for adjusting settings.

Customizable through optional Accessory

Beispiele hierfür sind Informationen zum Handling der Artikel wie Bruchgefahr oder Gefahrstoffklassen. Hierdurch ergibt sich auch eine sehr gute Anpassbarkeit der Lösung im Falle zukünftiger Anforderungsänderungen. Optional kann auch ein Identifikationsfoto der Kartonage erstellt werden, um z.B. die Unversehrtheit des Kartons oder des Inhaltes vor dem Versand zu dokumentieren.

The complete master data acquisition system

With employment of the specially developed software DataScan with the MultiScan becomes a master data acquisition system. The software records and manages the complete article master.

CartonScan service package:

  • On-site training
  • On request: Service and maintenance contracts
  • software can be remotely maintained
  • valid calibration certificate available 
  • transport trolley available (in two sizes)