Reliable coordinate measuring technology to optimize your warehouse logistics

In order to be able to use your warehouse optimally, correct data such as length, width, height and weight of the articles to be stored are essential. This article data must be recorded – most simply with the aid of modern measuring technology – and added to the article master in the ERP or WMS system in order to be able to work and plan with it. This is because complete and correct master data forms the foundation for effective warehouse and logistics planning and enables comprehensive supply chain optimizationresulting in increased profitability. 

Recording master data for a resilient database in the Warehouse Management System

Many companies neglect master data recording because they think it is time-consuming and expensive. Often, companies also don’t know how to seamlessly integrate data aquisition into regular workflows. 

Coordinate measuring technology helps with the capture of article data

In order to be able to capture article data without errors, it is advisable to automate this process with the help of a volumetric measuring device. Manual data acquisition is more time-consuming and also very error-prone. With a volume measuring device, it is possible to automatically record all relevant article master data – both the dimensions and other attributes relevant in logistics – and to transfer them directly to the inventory management system via interfaces.

KHT measurement products offer a simple and convenient solution for data acquisition

To make it easier for companies to record article master data, KHT has developed various measuring devices and software solutions that can be optimally adapted to your needs. With the help of MultiScan, ProfileScan and CartonScan, nothing stands in the way of a convenient and fast recording of your master data. We will be happy to advise you and work out the optimum solution for your warehouse together with you. Learn more about our products here!

KHT MultiScan Koordinatenmesstechnik / Mobile Erfassungsstation für Artikeldimensionen und Gewichte


Your mobile 3D coordinate measuring machine includes weighing technology for article master data (length, width, height, weight)

MultiScan Koordinatenmessgerät mit Zubehör

MultiScan Accessories

Expand the MultiScan with battery box, TEXPRESS module, barcode scanner, precision scale, industrial camera, SCANtape etc.

MultiScan Koordinatenmessgerät Software

MultiScan Software

Your individually configurable MultiScan software for the collection and management of master data at the highest level.

CartonScan Versanddaten Erfassung


Mobile data entry station for cuboid articles and cardboard boxes for recording shipping data.

ProfileScan Stammdatenerfassung Fördertechnik


The ProfileScan is a digital measuring frame and stationary acquisition station for article dimensions on roller and belt conveyors. 

Photostation zur Auftragsprotokollierung


The KHT Photostation powered by ivii can be integrated into any goods flow system and simplifies order logging.