Master Data Service

Your way to an optimal master data basis - Fast. Simple. Flexible.

Master data is information about business objects that remains constant over at least a medium-term period and describes, among other things, assets, suppliers and customers. Operational processes such as material procurement and order processing are largely based on master data. Prices, delivery addresses, terms of payment and article dimensions are just a few examples. For this reason, the accuracy and completeness of master data are elementary, but profoundly necessary, for smooth operational processes.

Article master data as unique DNA

With regard to warehousing and logistics processes, article master data, in particular, represents an elementary basis for any optimization, for automation, as well as for efficient shipping processes. In general, the more automation is developed, the more important becomes correct and complete master data. But even in manual warehouses, a correct data basis ensures quality and helps to avoid dissatisfied customers, error costs and high process costs.

Now new: Master data recording as a full-service offering

In everyday business, master data recording involves a certain amount of effort – both organizationally and technically. For this reason, we now offer you an easy way to a complete master data basis: with the KHT master data service, we record all necessary logistical data of your articles for you. Our expert team comes to you with the necessary equipment, records the required master data and provides it to you in the form you need.

These services are included in our master data service:

The data is recorded by our trained staff directly at your site. Of course, we bring our mobile 3D coordinate measuring machine MultiScan and a professional camera for recording 2D or 360° images.

Master data in detail: The basic data are length, width, height, volume and weight.

Optional additional data:

  • Additional packaging units incl. dimensions and weights
  • Handling attributes (fragility, stackability, nestability, etc.)
  • Packing aids incl. info (Euro pallet, mesh box, number of layers & cases per pallet)
  • Article identification photos

Webshop photos: one or more images per article

Services in detail:

  • 2D or 360
  • Cropping
  • Various output formats (jpeg, png, tiff, bmp)
  • Max. Article size: 50x30x70 cm
  • Max. Article weight: 25 kg
MultiScan Koordinatenmessgerät mit Zubehör

Our claim is that you can concentrate on the most important thing. Your core competence.

For this reason, we have structured our master data service so that you can use it quickly, flexibly and without long lead times. The project process and pricing are clear and transparent for you to follow.

At KHT, we specialize in industrial solutions for warehouse logistics. Our product portfolio includes measuring, weighing and storage technology as well as industrial services. We therefore know the requirements in warehouse logistics and are constantly developing our solutions in terms of software and hardware as we move forward in the 21st century. 

Your advantages in working with us

  1. focus on core competencies
    You continue to focus on your core competencies and we take care of your database.

  2. super fast & on demand

    Depending on the order volume, you will receive the desired data within a few weeks.

  3. no fixed costs

    You save the investment in measuring equipment and personnel and pay only what you really need, depending on the number of items. 

  4. full service thanks to subscription

    If your article assortment changes continuously, we are happy to support you with a subscription model. 


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