Master data - the gold of your logistics

Master data for products

Master data is data that remains valid over a longer period of time and describes the characteristics of its carrier. This classically includes supplier, customer and article master data. If typical operational processes such as material procurement are viewed from the data perspective, it quickly becomes apparent that 90-95% of the information in this process is based on master data. Prices, packaging units, suppliers, contact persons, payment terms and delivery times are just a few examples. It is, therefore logical, that correct master data is the be-all and end-all for smooth business processes.

Article master data as the basis for smooth logistics processes

In addition to information on sources of supply and purchase and sales prices, the article master also contains a great deal of data that is highly relevant for logistics processing. This includes, for example, dimensions and weights as well as other attributes that are important for handling, such as fragility, stackability or hazardous material information.

Constant change is a challenge

Keeping product information and master data up-to-date throughout the enterprise resource planning and logistics system, is an increasingly challenging task. Articles, assortments and packaging are constantly changing.  In addition, there are dozens of ways to exchange data, hundreds of product attributes, and business partners who use different data management systems. A measurement discrepancy caused by manual data entry significantly affects many of the downstream processes and can lead to time and budget losses resulting in less profitability. 

Correct capture and synchronization of master data

Our solutions help to capture item master data efficiently and economically. We have developed an optimal portfolio for the different locations, work areas and industries that can be seamlessly integrated into your processes and create added value from day one. Synchronization can be individually adapted to your existing IT infrastructure, thanks to common interfaces.

Our solutions help with master data recording:

KHT MultiScan Koordinatenmesstechnik / Mobile Erfassungsstation für Artikeldimensionen und Gewichte


Your mobile 3D coordinate measuring machine includes weighing technology for article master data (length, width, height, weight)

MultiScan Koordinatenmessgerät mit Zubehör

MultiScan Accessories

Expand the MultiScan with battery box, TEXPRESS module, barcode scanner, precision scale, industrial camera, SCANtape etc.

MultiScan Koordinatenmessgerät Software

MultiScan Software

Your individually configurable MultiScan software for the collection and management of master data at the highest level.

CartonScan Versanddaten Erfassung


Mobile data entry station for cuboid articles and cardboard boxes for recording shipping data.

ProfileScan Stammdatenerfassung Fördertechnik


The ProfileScan is a digital measuring frame and stationary acquisition station for article dimensions on roller and belt conveyors. 

Photostation zur Auftragsprotokollierung


The KHT Photostation powered by ivii can be integrated into any goods flow system and simplifies order logging.