Breaking new ground handling small items with the KHT INDU-Store

The INDU-Store storage and retrieval robot optimizes the handling of items in finished goods distribution, order fulfillment and even micro fulfillment – both attended and unattended – at the retail store.

Able to handle items up to the size of a shoe box and a weight of 5kg (11 pounds), the INDU-Store automatically identifies each item. Individual packages are fed directly to the INDU Store via a conveyor belt, moved by the  robot and deposited on low-profile, space optimized shelves. The INDU-Store uses a random location strategy, continuously and dynamically re-arranging its storage locations to ensure optimal utilization of space.

Small items can be stored individually or in small containers so that each item can be accessed directly and accurately. The INDU-Store can achieve picking rates of more than 500 items per hour with multipick and batchpick strategies. All items can be stored in the INDU-Store via configurable user determined parameters. Detailed log files monitor every movement within the automatic small item store (ASM) at all times.

This technology ensures error-free storage and retrieval and not only saves users time, but also simplifies their daily work processes.